Advance Your Career With Specialized Data Science SkillsAdvance Your Career With Specialized Data Science SkillsAdvance Your Career With Specialized Data Science Skills

DataScience@SMU is an online Master of Science in Data Science program designed for current and aspiring data science professionals looking to gain the advanced skills needed to manage, analyze, mine and understand complex data to make strategic decisions in their organizations. Through a combination of interactive coursework, collaborative group activities and online face-to-face classes, students gain the technical, analytical and communication skills needed to make meaningful data-driven decisions across various industries.

A Skills-Based Curriculum

DataScience@SMU’s interdisciplinary curriculum draws from SMU’s Dedman College of Humanities and Sciences, Lyle School of Engineering and Meadows School of the Arts. Classes and coursework focus on statistics while building and expanding upon computer science and data visualization skills. As students progress in the program, they master more advanced concepts and have the opportunity to choose a specialization with a customized curriculum that closely aligns with their goals.


By choosing an area of specialization, students can master necessary skill sets and apply them directly to their career interests.

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Machine Learning

Analyzes machine learning and the data preparation workflow, including multivariate nonlinear nonparametric regression, supervised classification, unsupervised classification and deep learning. All material covered is reinforced through hands-on experiences using state-of-the-art tools to design and execute data mining processes using Python and R.

Natural Language Processing

Explores natural language processing (NLP) as applied to data mining, text mining and machine learning tasks with unstructured big data. Topics include document clustering and classification, automated tagging and highlighting, semantic search and text normalization to support machine learning applications. Students will gain experience building solutions from real-world data sets, utilizing WordNet and the data of some leading websites.

Business Intelligence

Examines the practical applications of the use of data sciences in the application of econometrics and quantitative finance. The primary learning framework is based on utilization of real and simulated data sets for business and economic situations. Students become familiar with the use of R in the creation of data analysis combining financial theory and statistical analysis, including portfolio theory, CAPM and econometric modeling.

Why Data Science?

The field of data science is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand fields in the world. DataScience@SMU students gain highly sought-after skills in working with unstructured data, big data processing, statistical analysis, text mining and machine learning. With the ability to synthesize findings into actionable results for their organizations, our graduates are able to enter the data science field as candidates with a competitive edge.

The increased need across industries for data science professionals has made it one of the most desirable fields for skilled professionals.

Dallas: The Emerging Hub of Data Science

Students looking to build their professional network and cultivate career opportunities after graduation can take advantage of the close connection that DataScience@SMU has with the emerging tech hub of Dallas, Texas. With a strong tech and health care industry presence and headquarters of companies such as AT&T, id Software, and Toyota (US), the Dallas region is becoming an attractive destination for talented data scientists.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Area employment market continues to grow. In November 2022, job growth rate doubled the national average at 6.1%1, and the most jobs were added in the Professional and Business Services sector, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The Dallas-Fort Worth area was third in the nation in net job growth in 2022 behind only New York and Los Angeles.

The average salary of computer and information research scientists in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is $151,6502. Texas is the third-highest paying state for this occupation.

An Engaging Online Learning Experience

DataScience@SMU gives you the ability to earn your degree and advance your career without relocating. As a student in the program, you are a full member of the SMU community with access to high-quality curriculum, faculty and resources.

Long-lasting Connections

Develop relationships with industry professionals, faculty and peers while working on group projects, networking at in-person immersions and engaging in discussion during live classes.

Online Campus

Stay connected through our virtual campus. Easily access your coursework from any Internet-enabled device and attend live, weekly classes. With a small student-to-faculty ratio, each class fosters rich, engaging discussions.

Student Support

Receive dedicated student support with tutoring, refresher courses, and academic and career services to ensure your personal and professional goals are met.

DataScience@SMU at a Glance

Designed for working professionals, the program provides flexibility that enables you to maintain current responsibilities while earning your degree in two years or less. There is no GRE requirement for this program.

20-28 months to complete the program
33.5 credits of coursework
3 start dates per year

Apply Boot Camp Credit Hours to Your Degree

Have you completed our online SMU Data Science Boot Camp? As an alum, you may be eligible
to receive up to 6 credit hours in the Master of Science in Science Data program.

Learn more about the application requirements for SMU Data Science Boot Camp alumni.

Admissions Deadlines

There are four cohort start dates a year. The final deadline for the September 2024 cohort is June 28, 2024.

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